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Me with my own dogs; 

Ghillie (Border Terrier), Benson (Lurcher) 

and Tess (Bedlington X Whippet).

About Me.....

I am most definitely a 'pet person' and have been lucky enough to have owned or been around animals for pretty much as long as I can remember. From cats, dogs, horses, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, a tortoise, two bee hives and a corn snake! Even family holidays growing up were spent on a farm where we got to be hands on.

I have lived in Warren Row since 2007 with my husband and our various animals, currently 3 dogs, 2 cats and 10 chickens. 

I never tire of the fantastic walks around the area and there are still footpaths we've yet to explore.

Owning dogs has led me into various associated hobbies and interests. I attend training classes every week and compete in agility.

I love learning new skills and activities with all three of my dogs, providing them with variety in both their physical and mental stimulation.

I completely understand how important and individual pets are and that is why I will care for yours like one of the family.

Top image courtesy of Gemsdale Photography 

@ Wessex Open Agility Show Aug 2019

Since owning my dogs, I've attended the following courses:

Pet First Aid - Animal Love / Sophie Bell qualified senior vet surgeon (Nov '19)*

Puppy Socialisation - Healey's Hounds & Click 2 Heel

Puppy Training - Healey's Hounds & Click 2 Heel

Obedience Training (older dogs) - Windsor & District DTC

Clicker Training - WunderMutts DTC 

Enrichment Workshops - WunderMutts DTC

Recall Workshops - Pets in Practice

Grumps & Growlers / Reactive Dogs - The Animal Behaviour Business

Animal Behaviour - Berkshire College of Agriculture

Canine Communication Diploma - Centre of Excellence (currently studying)

Introduction to Mantrailing - Lupo Academy

Introduction to Wild Scenting - Wundermutts DTC (Dec 2019)

Dog Law Live webinar - Trevor Cooper, Doglaw Ltd. (June 2020)

Introduction to Dog Parkour - WunderMutts DTC (August 2020)

*I will continue to renew my First Aid training on an ongoing basis

Activities I have done or still do with one or more of my dogs:

Agility, Flyball, Hoopers, Showing, Lure Racing (plastic lure), Scentwork, K9 Conditioning, Dog Parkour, Mantrailing and Charity Events including Battersea's Muddy Dog Challenge and the South Oxfordshire Riding Club ODE for dogs - lots of fun!!


I am a volunteer house-checker for various dog rescues

I have fostered 3 rescue dogs prior to their rehoming 

I manage the annual Great Global Greyhound Walk for the Maidenhead area

I worked for a local professional fundraising organisation for ten years, between 2009 - 2019, directly involved with some fantastic campaigns including one of the UK's largest dog welfare charities. My home and working life have been positively 'doggy'! 

My aim is to provide a reputable dog walking and pet care service, one with the same high standards that I would expect from anyone looking after my own animals.