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"It's very reassuring that they are in safe hands, 

also lovely photos from their adventures"

Buddy Walks & Group Dog Walking (Mon-Fri)

Ad-hoc weekend walking by arrangement £POA

  • Buddy walks (2 dogs max) are suitable for dogs that like dog company but may get over stimulated or anxious in a group, or young puppies 'learning the ropes' from an older, calmer dog.  
  • No more than 4 dogs will be walked together on a group walk by myself.
  • Walk locations are varied as often as possible. Providing new sights and smells, making the walk fun, mentally stimulating as well as tiring - they will be ready for a lovely snooze afterwards 
  • Walk duration and route will be tailored to your dog's needs, short walks are available for puppies, senior dogs and those with other special requirements.
  • I can send you a photo of your dog enjoying his/her walk.
  • If your dog gets wet or muddy whilst out with me I will ensure they are rinsed off and towel dried as best as possible.
  • If you are not home I will message you to confirm your dog is back. 
  • I generally make my own gluten free dog treats for use on walks - pilchard cake is very popular but peanut butter and banana biscuits rarely get turned down! Alternatively I use grain free treats from the Pooch & Mutt or Forthglade ranges.
  • The times shown below allow for collection, drop and off a short drive to our walk location. The walk time is the minimum your dog can expect. 
  • If we are trying a new walking route or there are a few dogs in the group to be collected/dropped off, I will advise when collecting your dog of our approximate return time. You will of course only be charged for the time you booked me for. 
  • All walks are on lead. If you would prefer your dog to be exercised off lead in a small group, please look at my Secure Field Play option.

30 minute walk (45 minutes booked) £12.50

45 minute walk (60 minutes booked) £15.00

Additional dogs from the same family £6.25 each

Walks of longer duration £POA


Anxious / Nervous / Reactive / 'Yellow' Dogs

Not all dogs are comfortable around other dogs for whatever reason, or maybe there are other aspects of daily ‘dog life’ your dog finds somewhat daunting.

I am happy to walk your nervous dog, I own one myself, so I am understanding of their sensitivities.

I have my own ‘I need space / anxious / yellow dog’ accessories in my Animal Auntie toolkit and will do my utmost to give your dog a calm and enjoyable walking experience.

1-2-1 walks: 45 minute walk (60 minutes booked) £17.50

Walks of longer duration £POA