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Happy Dog Days!

Videos from secure field play sessions and walks. 

Most recent at the top.  Other videos can be found HERE

Just hanging out with friends in the sunshine

Enjoying a treat hunt together in the sunshine - good times!

The gang are always so great in welcoming new friends into their play sessions. Needless to say this 'trial' session went pawfectly!

Finally spring has officially arrived and we had a fun morning in the sunshine!

Hot diggity dawgs! They've definitely got the moves!! 

What a gorgeous morning for playtime with friends.

It's a whole new week and the Monday mood consists of mooching and 

sharing sniffs interspersed with the obligatory zoomies!

Enjoying the frosty weather - bring on the fun!

Oh my goodness! No chance of keeping this gang clean but they had a great time and welcomed a new foxy member to the group.

First field play of 2022 and this fab four pulled all sorts of shapes and faces!! 

No mistaking they were very happy to be back together after the Christmas break.

Come on then, catch me if you can - Game on!

Fabulous winter sun for our time at the secure field. Also a bonus that the field has stayed relatively mud free so far but someone was very happy to find a puddle, albeit a very small one!! :)

A little Monday madness - zooming into a new week!

Our last visit to the secure woodland for 2021 but I'm sure we'll be back next year as it definitely got the paws up from this gang!

Rain didn't stop play!

Perfect weather for zoomies with pals but they all love time out for a treat hunt together. 

Noses down, let's go!

Another lovely week!  So lucky to have so many great walks we can enjoy together 

and the weather was pretty kind to us too

Someone definitely brought their running legs with them today!

It's a new week, the sun is shining and we're all ready to run!

We're all having a GREYT time!! 

Fun in the field for this curly foursome today! 

Friday ​​Funday!​

Another wet day, but when there's a new friend to make, who cares about the rain?

Soggy doggies! 

Nothing was going to dampen today's play. 

Rain = Puddles & Puddles = FUN!! 

We had six in the Friday friends gang today (the maximum number) they enjoyed having a play but equally happy just having a sniff about together and the chance to cool off on a humid day.

Well done pupsters! Being very sensible in the morning sun, enjoying their playtime but making sure they took time for drink breaks and relaxing in the shade..