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Happy Dog Days!

Videos from recent secure field play sessions. 

I'll aim to upload by 8pm on the day. Most recent date at the top. 

I love watching them play!

Enjoying a recently cut field, lots of smells and patches of grass too inviting not to roll in!

It's been a while since this little gang had a secure field play get together. Looks like they enjoyed catching up again and were very welcoming to the newest member of the group. 

After getting soaked on my early morning walk and then more rain as I picked up this lovely bunch, it was a treat to arrive at the field and the sun came out for us for the whole hour!

Happy dogs = Happy days!

In the wake of recent Olympic success by Team GB, Team Field Friends had their own little competition. Treat catching is a canny skill but they are all winners at having fun!

Today we were mainly playing 'Chase the Doodle' 

I love the expressions that get captured on the dogs' faces! :)

This trio enjoyed a lovely runabout together. The lightweight longline is just a temporary measure while working on a good recall at the end of the play session. Some dogs just want the fun and games to carry on - and on!! :-)

When it's your birthday weekend what better way to celebrate than zoomies with good friends!

It's been a scorcher this week which meant one of the field play sessions had to be cancelled as it just wasn't safe for the dogs to be out in that heat. A slightly cooler end to the week so this gang got to catch up.  We kept it pretty calm and they enjoyed hanging out together in the shade.

A few zoomies from the gang, but as it was a warm morning, 

sniffing and mooching together was the order of the day

We're all having a GREYT time!! 

Fun in the field for this curly foursome today! 

Friday ​​Funday!​

Another wet day, but when there's a new friend to make, who cares about the rain?

Soggy doggies! 

Nothing was going to dampen today's play. 

Rain = Puddles & Puddles = FUN!! 

We had six in the Friday friends gang today (the maximum number) they enjoyed having a play but equally happy just having a sniff about together and the chance to cool off on a humid day.

Well done pupsters! Being very sensible in the morning sun, enjoying their playtime but making sure they took time for drink breaks and relaxing in the shade..